Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thinking Ahead

There’s not too much for me to focus on once I have my druid flying and with dual specs, so I am thinking that it might be worthwhile to slow down and do some serious stockpiling for Cataclysm. Stockpile what? Well, here are some initial thoughts :

• Netherweave bags – New Worgen and Goblin players entering the game will need bags and if you have a few hundred of them laying in a guild bank, you could make some real coin in the first week.

• Ore – Yes, I know, there will be new ore to farm in the xpac, but there will still be skill points to be gained from Northrend ore at the beginning. If you aren’t quick you may miss this boat, though.

• Runecloth – New factions, new races leveling the old factions, there should be money in runecloth if you farm it now or at least ahead of time.

• Belt Buckles – I may be wrong, but once people hit 85, they’re still going to want belt buckles. Having a good stockpile will allow you to sell faster than the folks that are having to go back to Northrend to farm mats.

• Cobalt, Goldclover, Borean Leather – If the change in profession leveling from BC to WOTLK is any indication, the higher end (read:metagem part of JC and titansteel part of BS) sections will be gone. People will level the early part then jump to the new areas and mats. The question is, will there be a huge rush in new people leveling professions? I”m guessing that there will be with the changes to some professions allowing more end game usefulness (Like buckles and sockets with BS in Wrath).

What won’t sell at all? Old gems. I doubt anyone who keeps up with this stuff will have any gems at all about a month out from the release. Cheap greens becoming better than blues and epics will destroy the prices.

This is all a year or more away, so there’s no reason to go into stockpile-overdrive just yet, but if you find a great deal on some stuff that could be useful down the road, it might be worth banking it now to sell for big profit later.


Blogger Gibbiex said...

One thing to consider is opportunity cost. There isnt going to be a new profession with cataclysm so we aren't going to have the issue of herbs being insanely expensive and in demand like last time. Additionally, you can think of every bag slot as a gold sink (which it is), and the goal is to get maximal profit for each bag slot. For example if you stockpile copper ore and it jumps to say 20g and you bought it for 1g, well that's 19g per stack right - or per bag slot. But since you can only have so many bag slots maybe copper ore isnt the best thing to stash there.

Historically what has happened is that the products that are a current glut will cease to be a glut, for example frostweave cloth, infinite dust, etc. Granted those products are still in quite a demand, whereas with the next expac the demand will be much less. Still,historically the top level enchant mats did become singificantly more costly.

Perhaps the best thing if you have a supply line in place is stockpile either enchant mats or raw matterials like cloth. That may or may not be the most flexible form of bag storage you can have; ie you can sell the cloth or make soemthing and sell the enchant mat.

October 14, 2009 at 2:54 PM  
Blogger Gibbiex said...

Oh lastly, i wouldn't stockpile netherweave to make bags. It is so easy if you have a level 80 to get the cloth that the storage space consumed isn't worth it. Frostweave is a different issue though, unless you have a tailor it can be quite difficult to farm for.

October 14, 2009 at 2:55 PM  
Blogger dr. larry said...

What do you mean storage space?

Why not send it via mail to an alt and let it sit in mail - not in your bags.

October 18, 2009 at 12:04 AM  
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