Thursday, September 17, 2009

30k – Day 3

I logged in tonight to find that the two markets I was dabbling in were down. Netherweave bags were selling around 9g99s and Eternal Belt Buckles were at 35g. I posted my last 2 bags and used low saronite and eternal prices to buy up the mats for more buckles. I was immediately undercut on the bags by the AH farmer, but I didn’t see enough profit in cancel/reposting at that price, so I let those ride. I made my buckles and tossed up 3 at the new low 35g price. One sold within seconds, and at just over 15g material cost, I threw all the rest of the buckles on the AH and switched over for some druid leveling. (66 now)

I’ve changed my plan with his leveling, too. I’m now going to stay in Outland as long as humanly possible so that I use up less of Northrend’s quests on the actual leveling and have more of those quests for making money. I enjoy questing, so I don’t see that as farming at all.

Anyhow, a long work week and late nights were taking a toll, so I checked my auctions one more time and headed off to bed with 7 buckles up at 35g, 4 more at 38g and both of my bags sold already. 10g a bag after a 4g investment in mats is still a 6g profit. It won’t set the world on fire, but profit is profit.

Happily, I woke up this morning and checked my auctions to find that all of the 35g bags had sold and that the price was back up to my old 38g, and 2 of those had actually sold as well. Not a bad night. All told, I pulled down 245g overnight in pure profit and should be able to afford more mats pretty easily. The only downside is that I was left at 999g15s. Everyone tells me that the first 1k is the toughest, so hopefully that will be true tonight and I’ll be ready to step things up.

As far as the future, I’ve pretty much decided to abandon the glyph idea. I’m way too far behind and at my place right now, I can’t afford to dump that much gold into the Glyph Mastery books in hopes of getting the good ones. I can continue to do research in preparation for a day when I have enough money to jump into that market. Instead, I’m going to work on jewels right now and see how well I can do selling rare cuts then epics as my bankroll increases.

I learn something new about this process every night it seems, and I make a mistake at least once a day. Today I bought the last remaining 35g buckle and relisted it at 38g. Then I noticed I put it up for 48 hours which cost me 2g, so if it sells it’ll be for a 1g profit. Oops.


Blogger Carbon said...

For leveling from 71 to 80 you can do AV as well. From what I hear it's pretty quick and generally quicker then questing.

You could also level from your level now in AV and save all those quests too :)

September 17, 2009 at 12:24 PM  
Blogger LordHaart said...

You know, when you post something on AH, you only lose the deposit if it doesnt sell. The AH cut is a flat percentage thats equal no matter how long you put it up for.

September 25, 2009 at 6:15 AM  

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