Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcome Back

Hello. I had the highest of intentions when I started this thing up, but no real direction. Then I started writing for a couple of other blogs and my poor corner fell apart completely. Well, I’m back now and actually have a clear purpose of something to write about. I made a decision earlier this week that by the end of this year I would make 30,000 gold in WoW. I’ve always been someone that fluctuates wildly in my cash flow. Two weeks ago, for instance, I was sitting pretty around 3k. Then I power leveled Jewelcrafting on Morg and moved my druid over to my server and switched him to feral, and all of a sudden I was sitting around 500g. Now I know I can run dailies and do some farming to get myself caught back up, but it would take a lot of time and energy and in the end I’d end up right where I’d started.

So I did some research. I followed a couple of WoW economy sites in my RSS already, so I hit up their links and found some more. Then I found the forums over at JMTC and I started to see how, with a few addons and a little work, I might just push this gold making thing to a completely different level.

I started out slow, clearing out the old guild bank on my bank alt and milling all the Northrend herbs I had laying around from my Alchemy days. I haven't made any glyphs yet, though. I feel like I need to watch the market a bit and see how it’s working on my server before jumping in with both feet. In the meantime, I decided to start doing some simpler things to try and build up my supply of cash.

I looked around last night to see where there might be a spot I could make some hay and stepped in on netherweave bags as cloth was going for 3g and bags at 14g when I first logged in. Then I priced out the mats for belt buckles (16g) and the buckles themselves(39g) and saw that there was definitely money to be made. I had also dabbled in belt buckles in the past and was confident that they would sell quickly, so I blew a bunch of the little bit of cash I had on eternals (4-5g each) and ore (16g a stack) and set up to watch prices all night and make sure I wasn't getting jobbed in either market. There was n0 competition in buckles, I just sold them all night at one solid price. Bags were a pretty popular group, I'd sell some then an AH camper would undercut me by a copper, I'd undercut her, then every once in a while someone else would step in and drop the price about a gold. By the end of the night I was still selling bags around 12g75s. So I made about 300g, all told. Baby steps, right?

The thing I need to work on now is simply keeping this up and making a little here, a little there until I have the resources to really jump in and make a big play at either the Inscription or Jewel market. Well, that and not buy anything that I don’t need.


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